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About Tool Foundry

Our mission

Advancing accessible tools for scientific discovery

Access Discovery Impact

Scientific discovery tools — from telescopes to magnetometers — help us answer questions and generate knowledge. But many powerful tools are too expensive or too difficult for non-experts to use. Without access to tools, fewer people participate in science, which hinders the pace of discovery, the distribution of knowledge, and the public’s understanding of and appreciation for the natural world.

Tool Foundry addresses this problem by advancing scientific discovery tools that anyone can use. We help tool makers build a foundation for sustainable growth and advocate for the science-curious. We believe that accessible — low-cost, high-quality, easy-to-use — tools can inspire a deeper interest in science and empower people to indulge their curiosity, explore their environments, and solve problems relevant to their own communities.

Tool Foundry is a Luminary Labs initiative funded by grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Schmidt Futures to expand access to science.

How accessible tools make an impact

Low-cost, high-quality, easy-to-use tools allow more people to participate in the scientific process. Tool Foundry resources can be used to develop different types of tools that answer different types of questions. We anticipate areas of impact will include — but not be limited to — scientific discovery, environmental monitoring and conservation, and science education.

Tool Foundry is proud to be part of an inspiring community expanding access to science. Learn more below about the real-world impact of accessible tools for scientific discovery:

Who benefits from accessible tools for scientific discovery?

  • Citizen, amateur, DIY, and community scientists
  • Researchers in low-resource settings or remote locations
  • K-12 and university students
  • Conservation and environmental protection groups
  • Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) educators
  • Community advocacy organizations
  • The science-curious


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Help build the accessible tools community.

Tool Foundry is proud to be part of an inspiring community expanding access to science. Help us advance powerful scientific discovery tools anyone can use.

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